Humanising Remote UX Research — Part 2

A co-written analysis of a diary study showcasing the takeaways on humanising remote UX research and insights of a remote meet-up with experts in the field.

2D cube vs. 3D cube; a metaphor for being remotely on a screen vs. in person

Meet-up with thought leaders

A screenshot of the meetup we hosted on MeetButter

The downsides of conducting research remotely

3D cube is changing to the 2D cube; representing the shifting online

Don’t call it user testing

Throughout a remote research session the participants may want you to help them, but as the participants are there to help you first, never ever make them feel like they are being tested. They are helping us!

The upsides of conducting research remotely

Have a thought out plan

Our setting and the participants’ environment

Encouraging thinking out loud and frustrations

Change it up

Shadowing research colleagues

The diary study

How can we ensure facilitating a successful workshop whilst hosting it online?

What didn’t work so well

What we think worked well

Conclusion: We are remote UX research fans

2D cube is changing to the 3D cube; representing that we are able to humanise UX research

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