Humanising Remote UX Research — Part 1

A co-written guide on how to collaborate, recruit and conduct moderated user research in a remote setting and how to not loose the human touch shifting online.

Hidden face behind a tablet, online sessions tend to loose the human touch.

How do we empathise with the user through a screen? How do we catch their feelings and reactions towards our ideas and products? Reading mimics, gestures and building rapport is so crucial for our work — how can we continue obtaining quality insights while conducting research remotely?

The UX Process Loop

How to work with stakeholders remotely

An inclusive approach to running internal workshops can harness the power of diversity to find the right questions that will help solve the right problems.

So how can we apply these learnings to a remote user research context?

Knowing our audience and how to recruit users remotely

The interviewer and note taker guideline

How to empathise with your user, Source: Interaction Design Foundation

But how can we see the user’s world and catch their motivations from screen to screen?

Our interpretation of the Venn Diagram for remote interviews

Humanising remote user research to build rapport

Building a rapport by enhancing appearance, empathy, silence, and focus


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